Rookies Go To The Bay For The Firetrails 50

Well, a couple of our members just ventured off into the realm of ultras. Art and Michael are pretty modest, so I thought I would spill the beans. Both rookies just competed in the Firetrails 50-miler. The course is in the Bay Area along the legendary East Bay Skyline National Trail; fireroads and single track with gorgeous views of San Francisco and Mt. Diablo with 7,800 feet of climb.
Art has steadily increased his mileage due to the continual coaxing and nagging of The Widow (Mieko). He placed 3rd in his age group in a time of 11 hours and 19 minutes. He just keeps getting better and better.
Michael is the speedster. He never really has had the patience to train long. There was no telling what was going to happen on his first ultra. Michael suffered a high calf strain a week prior to the run, and was planning to just go as far as he could and then become a volunteer. He’d probably just go out too fast and blow up around mile 40 at the big climb---WRONG. He took 1st in his age division in a time of 8 hours 36 minutes, and even had time to get a little lost at mile 45. It’s very interesting how someone can train for an ultra with such low mileage and do so well. Our Sunday runs constitute his only running on ground. His other training is speed work on the treadmill and biking.