Just Another Saturday Morning Run for Thomas and Mieko

In trying to increase their fun and weekly mileage, Thomas and Mieko have been doing their long runs on Saturdays.  Their idea of long runs is 30+ miles in rough terrain.  Last Saturday was no exception--a fun 40 miler.  Thomas, with Google maps, elevation charts and rosary beads plotted quite a course for himself and Mieko.  Unfortunately, Google Maps has not mastered showing areas where "NO TRESPASSING" signs are posted.  According to Thomas, they only had to do these "violations" 6 times.  In Mieko's own words,
"We made our own trail, bushwhacking, rock climbing, gate-hopping where it said no tresspass and chased by guard dogs up somewhere near Simi.  We went through the Boeing Testing site and no where to get out, took us hours to find the way."

But No Problem!  They got a nice early start at 6:00 AM.  Well, after escaping the Boeing Test Site and the Power Rangers film site, as darkness descended on the pair, Thomas reassured Mieko that all was fine and under control as long as he got back by Sunday 2:30 AM to bake bread for the Trail Runners.  Of course, Mieko reminded him she has a minor daughter who needed to see her before that.  So, at 7:00 PM, Mieko started running toward city lights.  She finally came to the Simi Metrolink Station and called her daughter to reassure her that she was not an orphan.  At this point, after 13 hours of bushwhacking and running, Mieko decided it might be better to use a life-line and call a friend, rather than run an additional 15 miles to come close to where the car was possibly parked.  As some of you know, Mieko showed up the next morning for the club run with refreshments, and Thomas marked the trail and brought his wonderful home-baked bread.

And some of us complain when we go a few hundred yards in the wrong direction!  Shame!