Don't Break Your Arm But Pat Yourself On The Back

This is quite a group—These Trail Runners.  After you’ve been with the group for awhile, you get little tidbits from members, and after a bit you realize that some of your pals are pretty amazing.

Rachelle has run 23 marathons in 23 different states in her quest for 50. 
Thomas went from 330lbs. to 190 lbs. in 8 months, then he completed 3 marathons in 3 days with Dean Karnazes. 
Mieko, who only ran about 10 miles a week before joining the club last August, competed in a 50-mile mountainous run 4 months later, and is signed up for an upcoming 50-miler.

Dale won the Trail Runners Magazine Trophy Series in 2005 and 2007 in a series of very tough races around the country with serious injuries requiring surgeries. 

And there are guys like Eric.  Sitting with Eric and his wife Debra recently in casual conversation, it happens that he has a Western States 100-miler silver buckle at home (under 24 hours).  This would be a reporter’s nightmare.  You have to squeeze to get information out of these people.  They are so humble.  What a group.

We also have as members The 3-Pack (Helen, Amy, and Heather).  For them, running is not enough.  They need to pack their lives with swimming and biking too.  The trio attended a grueling triathlon camp in Florida in preparation for their recent competition in Idaho.  And even though Heather was battling a very bad bug, there was no quit in her.  These three, in training and competing together, have developed a unity that rivals that of the Musketeers.

Then there is the case of Michael Becker.  When most people his age are content to walking the dog, he is competing at a very high level-still establishing PRs.  None of this comes easy.  He follows a very strict regimen of diet and disciplined exercise.  His goal this year was the World Short Course Duathlon Championships to be held in Rimini, Italy Sept. 28. 

Another member, Art Byrne, got sucked into the competition.  Both of them competed in The Desert Classic Duathlon in Arizona, to qualify for The Championships.  Both did well, but didn’t cinch a spot.  They were both quiet for a couple of weeks, then they achieved redemption in Orange County, where they both kicked ass.  Now they are both going to Italy for the Championship and Chianti.

What a group!  I don’t even know half the stories.  But the longer I stay in this group, the more I learn, and the more I love you all!  Pat yourself on the back—you deserve it!