Annual 34th Thanksgiving Turkey Trot fun run

Mark you calendars "November 26" as we continue with our annual Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. A fun trail run open to everyone, free of charge to support the Santa Monica Mountains trail running community. Bring all your friends and family, non runners can join for an out & back hike by time. The trails are on State Parks property so no dogs allowed, sorry. We only ask that non-members sign a waiver before the start. The cost? Nothing, nada, zilch. Makes it pretty hard to come up with an excuse to not be there.

We have always scheduled it early so everyone can work up an appetite and be back in plenty of time to enjoy Thanksgiving. Registration at the event will be from 6:30 am to 6:50 am, and we will start running at 7:00 AM.
Our event is not to be confused with the Topanga Turkey Trot which is held the same date as ours. We will use orange arrows so our course will be clearly defined.

This is an opportunity to get an early 9.5 mile fun-run on Thanksgiving morning with beautiful vistas and enjoy the company of other runners while we all burn a bunch of calories before our Thanksgiving dinners. 

Carry your own water during the run, we take care of the post run refreshments.
Everyone meets at the event location.
More details here: