The 3 Maidens of Mayhem Cruise Thru Local Races

Ever find there are 2 races you want to do in the same weekend? Can’t decide which one to do? Our own Maidens of Mayhem—Amy, Heather and Helen recently solved that dilemma when their favorite Manhattan Beach 10k and the LA Triathlon fell on a recent Saturday and Sunday. They did both. After cruising the 10k on Saturday, they competed in the Olympic LA Triathlon the next day. The triathlon was a little hairy though. Early on there was a small-craft advisory in local waters with 10-12 foot seas. Things simmered down a bit for the race, but it was still bad enough that approximately 500 entrants either didn’t complete the swim or chose not to even do it. But the Maidens cruised right through the swim and celebrated afterward with well-deserved Mexican food and a ton of margaritas. Congratulations!