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TransRockies Stage Four: Regroup

Stage Four of the 6-day GORE-TEX TransRockies Run is a favorite of return participants for several reasons: the RUN3 participants have departed, dwindling the camp down to 100 teams (200 people), the route is comparatively short, covering 14.2 miles, and features a long, steep incline followed by a long, fast, and technical descent (Europeans found this terrain especially familiar). Runners endure 2800ft of climbing, but are rewarded at the finish with fish tacos and margaritas in the tiny town of Red Cliff, Colorado.

Flagstaff Rocks the Rockies

The third stage of the 6-day GORE-TEX TransRockies Run began in Leadville, Colorado and ended at Camp Hale. Stage 3 covered 24.3 miles, with 2,700ft of elevation gain. As we are now halfway through the event, signs of cumulative fatigue are beginning to show in many of the racers - the massage and medical tents are busy!

Smith and Krar In Control

TransRockies veterans Mike Smith and Rob Krar (Team Flagstaff) continued their fine form over the 12,500ft Hope Pass today to win Stage 2 in a convincing 1h50min.

TransRockies Run Stage One Results

The Gore-Tex TransRockies Run kicked off from South Main Street in Buena Vista, Colorado, elevation approximately 9,000 feet, to Railway Bridge. The stage covered 20.8 miles of sun-exposed, sandy terrain, with a modest elevation gain of 2550 feet. Stage One rewards those who are already well-aclimatized to the altitude, comfortable in the heat, and fast on the flat sections.

GORE-y Details

GORE-TEX has been the primary sponsor of the TransRockies Run since the race's inception, so at last year's race I was able to see GORE-TEX products on display and in use. I think I know a fair amount about gear, but I began to realize how little I actually knew about the structure surrounding the Gore-Tex name. Here are two key things I have learned since:

1. It is a massive company.

The Real Deal

Trail Running High

This is the third year I'm deep in training for the GORE-TEX Trans Rockies Run and I must admit, its about this time of my program that I'm reminded how much I love trail running.

Teaming Up: Selection, Strategy, and Psychology

Team EverymanTri at the start o

The Grounded Elite

Probably like you, I grew up playing and watching sports, putting posters of my elite idols on my bedroom wall, and reading intently about team dynamics, shattered course records, and the accomplishment of what seemed physically impossible.
In other words, in whatever sport I followed, the elite were a pack of immortals that existed solely on screen, in print, and on my pedestal.

Three's A Charm!

In less than six weeks Paul Shippey and Lori Lyons of Team EverymanTri.com will line up for the 2012 GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run. This will be their second attempt as teammates to complete this gruelling 120 mile race over the top of the Rockies. In 2011 the team failed in its quest to finish the race when team leader Shippey was forced to retire on Stage 3 with torn ligaments in his foot and ankle.

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