Trail Running Guidelines

  1. These are hilly and strenuous courses. They are on mountain trails and unpaved fire roads. These are not races, but rather fun and training runs, scenic and challenging!
  2. Bring your own water, there is none on the trails. All runners must carry adequate water to stay hydrated especially during warm weather. You can't compare road miles with trail miles.
  3. There are rattlesnakes, coyotes, ticks, and possibly mountain lions in these areas. There are also areas of poison oak.
  4. The group meets directly at the trail head. See Run With Us page.  Please see the event detail page for map and parking instructions.
  5. Trailhead meeting times are listed in the schedule.
  6. Runs will take place rain or shine (major storms are excepted).
  7. New runners, please print the application/waiver on this website, fill it in, sign it, and bring it with you the first time you run with the group.
  8. You must sign in with the Group Leader prior to running or have notified them in advance of your early start.
  9. On shorter runs, those interested can run the course twice. If the course is a point to point you may choose to start early at the finish, run to the start and join the group, and run back to the finish.  Please advise the Group Leader and let other club members know, for they may want to join you.
  10. If you prefer trying a run before paying the yearly dues, just fill out the membership application/waiver and you may send the membership dues after the run to confirm you enjoy the activity. The application and waiver must be filled out and signed prior to running. Preferably the dues will be paid with the application.
  11. Club membership fee is $35.00 for one individual and $55.00 for a family membership. Payable via UltraSignup.
  12. The period of membership is from January 1st until December 31st each calendar year.
  13. Members will abide by and respect all rules pertaining to trail usage, including all designated signs and posted regulations, during any and all club runs and functions. 
  14. Refreshments are usually provided at the finish by all participating runners as a potluck.  On occasion, we meet for breakfast after the run at a designated restaurant.

 GENERAL INFORMATION   If you are sensitive to Poison Oak: On those trails where it is found, you first want to try your best not to touch any Poision Oak plants. Wearing long pants will protect your skin. After the run: washing and scrubbing your exposed skin thoroughly with soap and the product called "Tecnu" (at your local pharmacy) will help washing the plant oils off. Also keep in mind that your shoes might have Poison Oak on them also.  If you are concerned about joining our group, the length of the runs, the demands of the trails, or any other subject, please send us an e-mail and we'll get back to you ASAP.