Sycamore Canyon/Serrano Valley Tr./Blue Canyon Trail

Trailhead & Danielson ranch
Trailhead & Danielson ranch
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This run starts and ends in Sycamore Canyon, climbs up the Serrano Canyon Trail to Serrano Valley at an elevation of 1303 ft. with it's majestic views of beautiful Serrano Valley with rolling grassland meadows that are a lush green in winter and a golden brown in summer. From Serrano Valley we take a right onto Old Boney Trail, then continue left on Old Boney Trail, then left on Blue Canyon Trail, until it intersects Sycamore Canyon Fire Road. Then we turn left on the fire road and take it home about 4 miles to the finish.

Below the map to trailhead. We will park along the PCH as the gates only open by 8am, parking is allowed west of the entrance along the sand dunes.

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