Santa Ynez Canyon / Trippet Ranch / Musch Trail Loop/Eagle Rock Loop

At Trippet Ranch (2.3mi)
At Trippet Ranch (2.3mi)
Course Number: 
18 (similar)

This run begins in the cool Santa Ynez Canyon in Palisades Highlands. The run takes you through a lush canyon and then up the rugged and moderately steep Santa Ynez Canyon Trail to the Santa Ynez Fire Road and down to Trippet Ranch where there are bathrooms and drinking fountains. From Trippet Ranch we take the scenic Musch Trail back up to the Santa Ynez Fire Road and proceed to Hub Junction via Eagle Rock.  The course returns past the Musch Trail via Eagle Springs, and we continue and then descend the Santa Ynez trail to the finish.

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