Sam Merrill Trail/Echo Mt./Inspiration Point/Mt. Lowe


We will start at the end of Lake Ave. in Altadena.  The Lower Sam Merrill Trail begins here at the old Cobb Estate, and climbs 2.5 miles to Echo Mountain--known as White City in the late 1800's--only ruins remain of the 2 hotels, dormitory, small zoo, and observatory, after devastating fires in 1900, 1905,  and 1928. 

From here we climb another 2.5 miles up Castle Canyon Trail to Inspiration Point--only the cement foundation of the viewing platform remains.  Follow the trail north (left), and those that want to make it a 10 miler can take the Upper Sam Merrill Trail back to Echo Mt., then continue on the Lower Sam Merrill back to the cars.  Those who want to continue to Mt. Lowe will take the trail on the right --Mt. Lowe East Trail.  This climbs 2 more miles to the top of Mt Lowe.  Professor Thadeus Lowe had an invision on the peak for a summit hotel.  Before constructing his Mt. Lowe Railway and the Ye Alpine Tavern, professor ran out of funds for his grand hotel in the 1890s.  Grab this history but then cruise down back to Inspiration Point and down the Sam Merrill Trail to the cars in Lake Ave.