Noble Canyon Trail

10 miles
Course Number: 

This course runs in the Cleveland National Forest and begins at 5,375 ft and finishes at 3,715 ft.  We will pass through varied pine forests, oaks, ferns, rocky canyons, and even cactii.  This will be a very tranquil setting with the streams and rock formations along our run.  Accomodations the night before the run can avail campgrounds (tents) or a hotel., and some will make it the weekend.

We will drive east on the Mission Valley Freeway(Interstate 8), then left on Pine Valley Rd.for 0.25 mile, and then turn left on Old Hwy 80.  We will continue for 1.2 miles and then turn right on Pine Creek Road for 1.6 miles and rurn right on the obscure 0.25 road to the parking lot.  We will leave most of our cars and then we will caravan to Penny Pines off the Sunrise Highway, where we will park.  Adventure Passes will be needed for both parking lots.

The caravan will now retrace the Old Hwy 80 and it will end where we turn left on Sunrise Hwy continuing for 13.6 miles until Penny Pines where we will park at the trailhead.


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