Latigo Canyon to Puerco Canyon

9.5 miles

This run begins at the trailhead off Latigo Canyon Road.  As you are struggling uphill, keep in mind that it is a net downhill.  After the parking lot at Corral Canyon we continue to Mesa Peak , then instead of going left down to Tapia, we stay to the right on Mesa Peak Motorway in a breathtaking downhill finish almost to the beach--This is the payoff for all that effort.  The run ends 1/4 mile from PCH at the gate on Puerco Canyon Road, where most of our cars are parked.

For those who don't wish to car shuttle, there is a 12 mile option.  Start running up from Puerco Canyon Road to Mesa Peak, then continue left to Corral Canyon, and return the way you came.

A shorter 6 mile option can be done from Corral Canyon to Puerco Canyon, but will require a car shuttle.

Latigo Canyon Trailhead

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Puerco Trailhead

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