Chantry Flats/Mt. Wilson

Trailhead + Mt.Wilson

One of the best runs in the San Gabriels. Passes through chaparral-coated slopes with expansive canyon views, lush conifer forest and streamside woodland, sampling the grandeur of the Big Santa Anita watershed. We will climb from Chantry Flats up Winter Creek with 360' to Mt. Wilson and down Sturtevant Trail to our loop.

DRIVE TO THE BOTTOM OF HILL, "Santa Anita Ave/Arno Drive" by 6:00 AM. (From there it's another 15-20min. drive to the parking area)
We meet to carpool at the bottom of the hill at the last residential street on your right before the yellow gate to Chantry Flats rd --the intersection of Santa Anita Avenue and Arno Drive (BOTTOM MAP). From there we will carpool to the top at Chantry Flat. Parking is limited at the very busy Chantry Flats parking area and an Adventure Pass is needed to park at Chantry Flats!
If you are driving straight to the trail head, then we will meet you there by 6:30am.

Adventure Day passes are available at REI, Sportchalet and Big5 for $5. A year pass is $35.

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